About the Company

Dream Hole Mining Company, Inc. (DHMC) is a small, privately held corporation. Founded in principle in 2009 by Lloyd Johnson, the company finally incorporated in 2010 in Guyana, South America for the purpose of mining diamonds and gold in the Mazaruni Mining District of Guyana.

Mr. Johnson had a long career of emerald and gem mining in Brazil and amassed a collection of fine gems rivaling anything in the Smithsonian Institute. After purchasing a collection of colored diamonds from the widow of a former bush pilot in Guyana, he discovered that Guyana is known for having rare colored diamonds. That started him on his quest to find the very rare green diamond.

After a good deal of field research the company acquired mining rights and prospecting rights on approximately 34,000 acres in the Mazaruni Mining District in western Guyana. The primary site is situated at 1,400 feet above sea level on a mountain plateau. The company anticipates to begin active mining through a joint venture with a local Guyanese company as well as geologic research within the prospecting license areas in the second quarter of 2013.

The company will use a state of the art mining plant without mercury or cyanide. We hope to become a model mining camp showcasing placer or alluvial mining.